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AUKTION #9 (Saalauktion)  -  26.10.2015 17:00
Münzen, Medaillen und Banknoten

Lot 6
Schätzpreis: 3.000 €
Hexadrachme, 17,25 g, 26 mm, Ag, Kostial 79, Kolníková 1978 str.38, Göbl XII/1, Flesche 488,
EF / EF; Antike Münzen; KELTEN;

Sehr selten!
Of all fully legible pieces we explored in the museums and private collections, it is obvious that established name IANTUMARUS is not quite accurate. Likewise, it is with the DEVIL type. There is obvious name DEVII (Röttger 2013). In the context of the collective findings described by J. Militky in Numismatic sheets 27/2 2012-2013 and the discovery of a new type of Bratislava hexadrachm LATTU, we dare say it is a type LATUMARUS ('LATVMARVS'). We recommend a look at the picture on p. 177 Sammlung Flesche.
Condition:  EF / EF
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